Trekking in Portugal

The Trails of Serra Da Estrela Nature Park

Viaggio in Portogallo - Trekking Parco Serra da Estrela


5 days / 4 nights
On request you can extend or shorten the program of the trekking trip to Portugal.

Type of Travel

Trekking tours with private transport transfers, local hiking and nature guide and overnight stays in Glamping.
Ability to add more outdoor activities or visits to Portugal.

Suitable for

Anyone in good health and with a spirit of adaptation.

Recommended Period

April to November

Private Travel

Possible every day
With participants

The trekking trip to  Serra da Estrela is suitable for  private groups of 4 or more people.
Contact us to receive a personalized quote.

Group Travel

For pre-established or accompanying groups (hiking guides, mountain guides, etc.) we can organize the trip with itinerary and bespoke services.
Contact us to receive a personalized quote.

Next Group Dates

3/05/2021;  31/05/2021;  28/06/2021;  12/07/2021;  26/07/2021;  09/08/2021;  23/08/2021;  06/09/2021;  20/09/2021


  • A unique and original nature itinerary to experience a trekking trip through Portugal’s largest and highest National Park
  • Climb to the spectacular glacial valley of the Canyon de Loriga
  • Hiking to discover the Zezere Glacier and reaching a beautiful lagoon formed by the melting of the ice

Program – Trekking in Portugal: The greenhouse da Estrela

1th day : Arrival in Lisbon, transfer to Serra natural park from Estrela
2th Day: Loriga, excursion through the village, the Canyon and the lagoons of the same name

3th Day:Hell’s Well
4th Day: Zezere Glacier Hike
5th Day: Excursion to the Beeches Forest

Contact us to receive the detailed schedule of the Serra da Estrela tour.

Expected Accommodations

Serra de Estrela – Glamping in Vale do Rossim Ecoresort


  • 2 Hiking Guides (except on the 3rd and last hike where the group will be guided by 1 guide)
  • 4 days walk
  • 4 nights in a double room at Pousada da Juventude da Serra d Estrela + Breakfast
  • Picnic lunch on days 2, 3 and 4
  • Liability and Personal Accident Insurance
  • Taxi transport on the 2nd day from the end of the route to the beginning

Not Included

  • Meals not included in the detailed itinerary and all drinks except you and coffees for breakfasts include
  • Tips, phone calls, and personal extras
  • Clothing and personal medicines
  • Anything not included in the “Included” entry

Expected Accommodations

Supplements on demand

  • Single room, subject to availability
  • Accommodation in top-tier hotels
  • Extra days of visits or treks
Serra da Estrela - Tour trekking Portogallo

Trekking Info in Portugal

  • The local guides can modify the excursions depending on the weather and your group.
  • The treks in this program are suitable for anyone in good health, fitness and with a spirit of adaptation.

Tour Plan

Day 1-Arrival day

Arriving to the “Serra da Estrela” Natural Park

  • The journey starts with the travel of about 3,5 h from Lisbon to the Serra da Estrela Natural Park, the biggest and highest in all mainland Portugal.
  • It will be here that our travelers will be accommodated in the next 4 nights.

Day 2- The Loriga Canyon

  • On this day, the hike starts in “Loriga”. This ancient village was occupied by the Suevi, Romans and Moors and they all left their influences in the region.
  • We will follow old shepherds’ paths to reach the so-called “Covões de Loriga”, 4 large staircase depressions, excavated by the unimaginable forces of huge glaciers that shaped dramatically the landscape around us.
  • The massive rock masses of granite and the endless views are a fair reward for our effort to reach the lagoons and puddles of “Loriga” at about 1.700m above sea level.
  • Here we reach the last third of the ascent of this spectacular glacial valley, known as the “Canyon of Loriga”. Now, we are close to the highest point of the Estrela Sierra and also of the mainland Portugal, called Tower.
  • From here we can enjoy the wider horizon of the whole country, where on clear days our view extends to the “Gato Sierra” in Spain on the east side, and to the sea on the west side.

Pick-up time – 8:30 amHiking Duration – About 6h 3 On this second day of walking we will meet one of the icons of Serra da Estrela, the Pit of Hell. A set of waterfalls of great beauty that end in a waterfall of 10 meters and a lagoon of crystal clear waters. All this space is surrounded by large granite blocks. Before, however, we will pass through some beautiful forest corridors, which alternate with areas where large blocks of shale stone are predominant. After this very pleasant walk we will have a picnic in a very beautiful space, where it will also be possible to bathe in the fresh and clear waters of a stream. Pick-up time – 9:30 amHiking Duration – About 3h 4

Day 4-The Glacier Route
  • In this day 3 the hike starts in one of the most symbolic and beautiful places of the Estrela Sierra. Located at the beginning of the “Zêzere” Glacial Valley, 13 km long and where the glacier was 300mt thick, this is the place where the “Zêzere” river takes shape. Formerly it was a lake originated from glacial sediments. It is a very attractive area due to the surrounding vegetation mostly composed of birch trees, which has the particularity to create an ecosystem with a rich biodiversity.
  • With the imposing glacial valley on our backs, we follow a path with undergrowth until we reach a beautiful lagoon, also, like many others, of glacial origin, formed by the accumulation of melting water. Before we begin the climb to one of the most emblematic spots of the whole Sierra, we are faced with the overwhelming view of another huge glacial valley, a tributary of the main one. By imagining the titanic clash between these monumental glaciers plates, at about 20,000 years ago, we can realize the true scale of such events.
  • Our picnic will be at 1.860mt high. Here we will enjoy one of the most amazing views of these all journey, and, on clear days, we can see the Gredos Sierra in Spain (about 200 km as the crow flies).
  • After this overwhelming moment, we will meet some beautiful lagoons, typical from this granite mountain.

Pick up time – 9:00 am                 Hiking Duration – About 4h      5

Day 5– The Route of the Beeches

After, our hike starts right in front of the formidable Zezere glacier valley which offers us an overwhelming view. Following along a track used by the shepherds to lead their cattle to the grazing places we will find the imposing monumental Oaks that surround the “Capela de São Lourenço” (St. Lawrence Chapel), a place of pagan reminiscences, related to the worship of trees and the sun in the summer solstice. This place offers a magnificent panoramic view of the accumulation of mountains that extends to Spain. After crossing a watchtower with beautiful architecture design, we dive inside a dense Beech forest, planted by the Forest Services of Manteigas at the beginning of the twentieth century. This unique forest of great beauty, with its kaleidoscope of greens in the Spring and yellow-brown in the Autumn, makes us feeling like we are in a fairytale forest. The rest of the day will be in the hotel where our hikers can rest or enjoy the beautiful SPA. The farewell dinner will be in a typical local restaurant at 1.600 meters high, where we can try the real flavors of the delicious food of this region. Program Start- 9:30 Walking Duration: About 3h